Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Hello! Hello! My good friend Joyce from Bits of Joyce introduced me to the awesome blogs of Camie from Wild Spirit and Gia from Lovely Serendipity. Since I am now following these blogs, i stumbled upon this weekly link-up called The Sunday Currently. Well, obviously this post is done on Sundays and today is Sunday so, yeah.. :)

C U R R E N T L Y …

READING: Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN Examination. (More like staring! haha)

WRITING: On a piece of junk! I'm trying really hard to express my feelings and share my story. I'll post it here soon when it's done. Will it ever be done? 

LISTENING: To pop songs on TV. I looovvee pop songs. They make me soo happy. :)

THINKING: What to cook for dinner. 

SMELLING: The scent I'm wearing. Pear Glace from Victoria's Secret.

WISHING: I'd feel much better day by day. 

HOPING: I can fight my insomnia so that I can sleep quite early every night, follow my gym schedule and live healthier compared to the past few weeks.

WEARING: Nude lace dress. 

LOVING: My newly painted nails. It's bright red, baby! 

WANTING: To dye my hair but I promise myself to wait till December. 

NEEDING: To stay positive and stop overthinking.

FEELING: Tired and sleepy.

CLICKING: Around twitter and Google.

This post originally came from Lauren of Siddathornton.   You can join the link-up here!
And don't forget to check all the blogs I mentioned above. Have a great week ahead!



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