Monday, September 9, 2013

Pretty Little Liars

I just finished the 4th season of this show the other day. I am just so hooked that I caught myself writing this post. I wanna share my thoughts about the show and its cast. I did some research since I was not very familiar with all of them.

Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery

I've always thought that she was very small, I mean, yeah she is, but I think the other girls are just pretty tall. Never thought that she and Ezra would actually broke up. They've been through a lot, didn't they? 

I like her style so much. Been wanting to try it on myself, not sure if I can pull it off though. *fingers crossed*

Her style is more like gothic and edgy. Something rebellious but still chic. I noticed that she never actually wore something really bright the entire show. Her closet is full of black and other dark colors. She often wears skirts and dresses and of course, boots. If you're a PLL fan, it's impossible not to notice that Aria has plenty of boots in her closet. She's also into tights, stockings and other leg wears plus she's good with mixing things up. I feel like its fall season for her everyday. 

Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin

I wonder why she was so familiar. She was from Bring it on: In it to win it! hihi. Now I'm inspired to watch all of her other movies. I super love her character! She's my favorite. At the first parts of the show, she acted a bit "b*tchy" but she really has a pure heart. I admire the way she cares for the people around her especially to her mom and Caleb<3. Caleb and Hanna, my favorite couple! 

I can say that my style is more like Hanna's. Something very feminine, classy and trendy. She's the heels-kind-of-girl and always look so chic. She likes to wear jackets/blazers together with her dress. Belt is also frequently used by Hanna. For her, everyday is a fashion show.

Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings

Spencer was my first favorite among the girls. I like her beauty so much. Seems like she's so perfect because she got the looks, the brain, athletic and really brave. I admire how she stands up for herself and for her girls as well. 

As for her style, I noticed that it's preppy and androgynous. I definitely wanna try this too. I just don't know how but I'll work on it. haha. She happens to layer her dresses with cardigans or jackets and then belts her waist. Also, she wears a lot of loafers and leather oxford shoes. Most of her tops are button-down shirts. She might not look flashy everyday, but she makes sure that she still has that glamour especially when it comes to special occasions.

Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields

Since her looks and beauty is different, I never thought that Shay has Filipino blood until I read it online. She's really pretty. Moving on to her character, Emily also seems to be the perfect daughter as she comes from a military family. She's more like the girl-next-door type.

I think her style is the most simple among them all. Her looks is the sporty and active type which goes with her athletic character in the show. What I like about her style is that she keeps it feminine. She usually wears minis, cargo and boyfriend pants, sweatshirts and hoodies. She also likes to wear sporty shoes and accessories. I wanna try her stylish sneakers too!

Let us now move on to their love interests:

Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz

A lot of girls are crushing on him. Who wouldn't? He's charming, adorable, young and cute. His looks is more mature and formal. Well, I guess it's for the reason that he is a high school English teacher. I'm sure a lot of girls were also brokenhearted due to the last scene of PLL's summer finale. We all jumped to the conclusion that Ezra is A. It saddens me. I can't wait for October, and I'm sure you are, too!

Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers

*Geeessshhh* *Squeals* haha. Please forgive me. I just love him so much! As I've said earlier, Caleb and Hanna is my favorite couple. He didn't really get my attention at first but his personality and character made me love him a lot. He might have a shaggy appearance but I'm amused and amazed with his loyalty and love for Hanna. He's so sweet and caring and lovable. Haay. Gets me all the time. But same with the other girls, I'm also heartbroken knowing that he wouldn't be in the next season of PLL. Although he will be the lead role in the PLL spin-off series: Ravenswood, it breaks my heart not to see him and Hanna together. Whatever, I think we'll just have to wait for October.

Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh

He was my first crush in this show. He and Spencer is my second favorite couple. hihi. At first he was mysterious but I find him cute. He's also loyal to Spencer and I admire how he showed his love for her and protect her by all means. 

Lindsey Shaw as Paige McCullers 

I like this girl! I can see that she loves Emily so much. She's cute with short hair but i think she's prettier with long hair. And I like the way she dresses too. 

There you go. I hope you like this post about PLL. Try to watch if you haven't yet. it's pretty interesting. 
Thanks for reading! Kisses!



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