Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Blog Post: Why I started blogging

Okay. So I'm actually nervous to post this. At first I was really hesitant on making a blog because I know this would consume a lot of time. And because I don't think I would be able to maintain it. But what the hey, at least I should give it a try. Right?!

I've got a lot of reasons why I decided to blog. One of these is because I have a lot of 'free time' since first; I'm unemployed and currently stays in a foreign country. Can you just imagine how boring that is? Thank God for the internet! Haha. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like the place and appreciate the people but it just sucks to have nothing to do with most of your time. I just wanna be productive in my own little way.

 Second; I feel like I'm going bonker because I miss home so much that I get depressed and frustrated. It's stressing me out! But I know I gotta be strong and keep moving on. (chos!) So much for that, this is getting too personal. Sorry, guys.

Third; I believe in lifelong learning. English is not my primary language so forgive me for any grammatical errors. I wanna develop my skills and I know that I can learn something from you. I do hope that you can learn from me too. Through blogging, I can be able to share and express more which I strongly believe will enhance my self esteem and character as an individual.

Lastly; I've been into blog hoppin' lately. It's really so addicting and inspiring that I just found myself in making one. I find it funny cause I never thought it's gonna be pretty complicated. (Well, for me it is!) You know, I'm not really good and familiar with these websites thingy, blog tools, editing and HTMLs. So I gotta watch some tutorials and tips. I believe that there's nothing impossible if we know how to learn.

This blog will serve as a personal documentation about my passion, dreams, style, thoughts and stuffs. I want it to be an outlet for me to share what I can to the readers. Hoping that in one way or another I could be able to touch hearts and inspire people. That's it! Maybe, just maybe, one of you can actually relate and feel the same way I do. And maybe you're thinking of making a blog too so I encourage you to do so right now! C'mon, resist your inner critic!



  1. That's great! I'm also a new blogger and I'm enjoying it so far. Just like you said, I'm also learning the editing skills/tools needed to make a blog pretty. I'm learning little by little and enjoying things. Well I wish you lots of luck. xoxo

    1. That's true! It's fun and exciting to learn new things. Thank you! Best of luck to both of us and let's have fun blogging. Thanks for following too, I'll follow back. :)


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